LG Optimus Dynamic II

As StraightTalk and other carriers continue to bring along new Android phones to add to their collection, older models are being almost given away at discount prices. The LG Optimus Dynamic II is one of the popular models from 2014 that are still around and available... read more

Motorola Moto G Review

The Motorola Moto G is considered one of the best budget choice Android no contract smartphones and is now available with 4G. Motorola Moto G is an unbelievable inexpensive phone that punches in well beyond its weight. The Motorola Moto G was launched last November... read more

LG Ultimate 2 Review

The LG Ultimate 2 also known as the L41C has arrived at several no contract cell phone providers including Tracfone, Net10 and StraightTalk. The LG Ultimate 2 comes with some impressive specs, especially for an Android smartphone that only takes around $120 or less to... read more

TracFone Review

Quick Reference Tracfone Smartphones Tracfone Phones TracFone is a division of América Móvil in providing prepaid mobile services in the United States. TracFone is included with NET10, Safelink Wireless and Straight Talk under the América Móvil umbrella. TracFone... read more

Purchasing an Unlocked Android Phone

A few years ago, if you wanted to fully purchase an unlocked android smartphone with any type of updated features, you would have to buy it from one of the major carriers. If you wanted to avoid paying below the $400+ purchase price, the cost would include add-ons... read more