No Contract Smartphones

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Welcome to No Contract Smartphones!

[adsense]We are here to provide information on this great trend responsible for consumers saving countless of dollars per month.

No contract smartphones are similar to regular or flip cellphones with no contracts. They are also known as prepaid mobile phones or postpay mobile phones with no contract.

Prepaid mobile phones have been around a long time, but the real differences could mean the types of phones offered within the cellphone plan as well as a postpay option without a contract. There are many types of smartphones available including Blackberry and Android prepaid phones dependant on the carrier. Within the pages of this website, we will be providing up to date information about:


The details of what to expect when owning No Contract Smartphones.

  • Why this could be good for you?
  • Why you should consider letting your current cell phone plan contract expire.

What kinds of no contract smartphones are available?

Information about Postpaid and Prepaid Phone Plans that are available?

  • With some plans, you can expect to either purchase time for your phone ahead of time, or have a specific amount added to your account automatically every month.  What may be best for you can vary, but each option is available without signing a contract.

No Contract Smartphones

What your total costs will be?

  • How much can you really save per month?  See a comparison on how much you would be spending if you were attached to a 1 or 2 or more year contract.

Company ratings, phone ratings and more!

We are not in the business of selling any type of cell phone or service types, but we will be providing links to reputable and current carriers who we feel offer the best no contract smartphone services and products available today.

We will also provide the difference between prepaid and postpaid no contract smartphones.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Determine the best prepaid phone plans, the best prepaid phone service companies as well as the best postpaid options as well.

Until recently, no contract cell phone carriers did not offer plans for smartphones.  Since the price of smartphone technology has gotten less expensive, these types of phones are now more readily available to use without the hassle of signing a contract.

We have a commitment in keeping the information that we offer as current as possible.  We will be adding and updating the information we provide at regular intervals in order to provide you with the best no contract options available.  We are also open to suggestions for no contract smartphone topics and options.  Feel free to contact us and let us know any helpful suggestions or feedback you can provide.