No Contract Smartphones – Pros and Cons

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No Contract Smartphones – Pros and Cons

The no contract smartphone concept has become more and more popular these days. Traditional cell phone service has become unaffordable for many due to more strict credit check requirements and increased security deposits. The no contract concept has filled the gap to provide a means for many to have the benefit of having cell phone services.


Good Benefits of No Contract Smartphone Services

• The biggest and most obvious advantage of no contract smartphone service is the fact that you are not tied into a long term commitment on the service you receive. Attempting to break a contract with many of the cellular commitment plans involve expensive and complicated fees that can easily break your bank or make it not worth it. You are able to judge the service you receive on a month to month basis and can cancel at anytime without fear of unexpected fees.
• Late payments as far as 7 years old can affect credit scores and can result in the increase of initial costs of traditional cell phone services. Credit checks are also nonexistent when applying for no contract smartphone service. With more and more Americans finding themselves with a less than perfect credit rating due to the recent economy crisis, owning a no contract smartphone makes a lot of sense.
• For those who rarely use their cell phone services, you can purchase minutes on a need basis from month to month. Many no contract smartphone service providers require a minimum purchase in a 1 to 3 month time period, but minutes purchased when needed are less likely to be wasted. This means a cost savings over time and more efficient use of your money.
• No contract smartphones also generally carry lower month to month costs. The use of many traditional smartphones can carry fees in excess of over $100 when including necessary data along with wireless. For those who have had the opportunity to do so, many have stated how the costs are so much lower for the same amount of usage on a no contract plan than on a traditional contract plan.
• For those with heavy use, no contract smartphones are a great solution to keep track of costs and have a set spending limit set each month. This is great for teenagers or others who may easily go over a set amount of use during a month and may not realize it. With traditional cell phone services, this can result in serious overage fees.

No Contract Smartphones Pros and Cons

Cons to Using No Contract Smartphones

• Prepaid minutes can have an expiration date if not used within an allotted amount of time.
• Prepaid minutes can also generally cost more per minute as opposed to contract minutes.
• The smartphones for your no contract service must be purchased before participating in this type of plan. Smartphones, depending on the brand and features offered can range up to $200 or more.
• The newest smartphones may not be available for no contract services. Many service providers prefer to keep the newest smartphones for use with customers who are on contract service only. Although this is the case, better and better smartphones are becoming available for no contract services.

Despite these faults, many still prefer to go the no contract route when looking for smartphone service. Be sure to read the “fine print” on any service you wish to obtain. The time it takes for minutes to expire as well as the types of phones that can be used for this type of service must be clearly stated by each no contract smartphone provider.

Depending on your needs, the pros of having a smartphone with no contract may outweigh the cons. Be sure to take the time to research providers and plans and chose the best situation that works for you.


2 thoughts on “No Contract Smartphones – Pros and Cons

  1. All I want in a cell phone is calling,access email, internet and texting. No music,video,taking pictures etc. Will rarely be used for business and not much more on a personal level. I’ll bet I wouldn’t use 50-75 minutes a month. That said, can you recommend a phone/service and by the way, I want to keep it as inexpensive as I possibly can.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    1. T-Mobile (if the coverage works for you) offers a $30 per month plan with 100 mins of talk and unlimited text and web up to 5GBs before throttling.
      Inexpensive web capable GSM phones can be found for under $100 or whatever meets your needs.

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