Virgin Mobile Review

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Virgin Mobile Review

Virgin Mobile USA is a popular well known brand known for prepaid voice, wireless, messaging and broadband services. The US brand of Virgin Mobile was acquired by Sprint in 2009 and operates on the Sprint Nextel Network.

Virgin Mobile sells handsets at retail partner locations such as Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy and RadioShack stores across the country. The handsets and broadband devices can also be purchased online at various online locations including at virginmobileusa. Virgin Mobile USA is the American Virgin Mobile brand which services subscribers throughout the US. It should not be confused with other service providers that service other countries across the world. The networks, phones used and plans are different based on country and for the most part are not interchangeable.

Virgin Mobile Review – Plans

Virgin Mobile specializes in three distinct plans which are design to service different types of customers. All three types of plans are available without the need of a signed contract.

“Paylo by Virgin Mobile” which contains three different Virgin prepaid plans.

Plan Price/Month Minutes Messages Web Expiration
Basic Rate $20 20c/min 15c each $1.50/MB 90 Days
Talk $20 400 mins 15c each $1.50/MB 1 month
Talk & Text $30 1500 1500 30MB 1 month

“Beyond Talk” plans; which are designed for those who like to text, use email and web. All “Beyond Talk” plans include “unlimited” Web, Data and Email usage.

Beyond Talk Plan Web, Data and Email Anytime Minutes
$35/month Unlimited 300 Minutes
$45/month Unlimited 1200 Minutes
$55/month Unlimited Unlimited

Broadband2Go plans which focus on home or on the go 3G internet plans on the Sprint 3G network.

Broadband2Go Plans Data
$10/10 days 100 MB
$20/Month 500 MB
$50/Month Unlimited Data (up to 2.5GB)

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Virgin Mobile Review – Overages

There is an additional 10c/minute charge for overage minutes used before the end of the month. After 2.5GB of data use during a month, users are reduced to 256kbps or more until the next month.

Virgin Mobile Review – Smartphones

Virgin Mobile offers specific smartphones for specific plans as listed below:

Virgin Mobile Smartphones Virgin Mobile Plans
HTC Wildfire S Beyond Talk
LG Optimus Slider Beyond Talk
LG Optimus V Beyond Talk
Motorola Triumph Beyond Talk
Samsung Intercept Beyond Talk

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