Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans

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Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans

[adsense]The best no contract cell phone plans can mean serious savings when combined with some of the fully featured and hot no contract smartphones now available without a contract.  Purchasing an IPhone or Android smartphone on a plan with a long term commitment can result in costs of up to and over $140 per month.  Yes, you may get the cell phone for as little as “free” to nothing, but you are paying a substantial amount each year during the term of your contract.  Let’s look at some of the best no contract cell phone plans that can contribute in keeping money in your wallet.

Boost Mobile

No Contract Smartphones available: Samsung Galaxy Prevail, ZTE Warp Android Smartphone

Boost mobile offers both a pay as you go smartphone plan as well as unlimited plans for Android Smartphones.  Once you have purchased the phone of your choice, the pay as you go plan requires you to make deposits to your usage every month.  For each activity you make on your cell phone, money is deducted from your deposit as required.  Charges are:

Nationwide Talk – $.20 min

Text – $.20 per text

Web – $.50 per day

IM – $.99 per day

Email – $.99 per day

These charges can be seen as reasonable, but Boost Mobile shines with their Unlimited Smartphone plans.  The monthly unlimited plan for Android phones will initially run you $55 per month.  Boost Mobile has a feature called “Shrinkage”.  What this entails is that when you make payments on time, your monthly payments are reduced monthly until it reaches a cost of $40 per month.  This means for only $480 per year + the cost of the smartphone, you can have unlimited use of a smartphone without any contract or fees whatsoever.


Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans
No Contract Smartphones Available: Samsung Exhibit II, Motorola Triumph, Samsung Gravity Smart, Samsung Dart and many more

T-Mobile boasts having some of the most powerful no contract smartphones on the market today.  To go along with them, T-mobile has some of the most flexible and best no contract cell phone plans to make your savings complete.

The most popular T-Mobile no contract plans offer a wide range of flexibility.  You have the option of unlimited talk, text and web for a little as $50 per month.  For those who do not use as much talk minutes or if web usage is not necessary, they offer additional plan as low as $15 per month.

Plan & Cost Talk Text Web
Unlimited $70 per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited;3G and 4G
Unlimited $60 per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited; first 2GB up to 4G speeds
Unlimited $50 per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited; first 100MB up to 4G speeds
$30 Per Month 100 Minutes Unlimited Unlimited; first 5GB up to 4G speeds
$30 Per Month 1500 Talk or Text 1500 Talk or Text 30 MB
$15 per Month $.10 per minute Unlimited None


T-Mobile also offers pay as you go smartphone plans for those who wish to prepay by purchasing minutes as needed.  Refill minutes are for $10, $30, $50, and $100.  Once purchased, the minutes are good for at least 90 days before expiring (the $100 refill is good for 1 year), the minutes are for 30, 160, 400 and 1000 respectively.

Finally, T-Mobile offers pay by day plans.  Pay by day plans only charge you on days you actually use your smartphone.  The costs are for $1, $2 and $3 per day, depending on if you require web services (which the $1 plan excludes), and depending on web speeds you desire.  The $2 per day plan only has 2G speeds while the $3 per day plan offers web speeds up to 4G for the first 200MB.

Walmart Family Mobile

No Contract Smartphones Available: Any Smartphone that can be used on T-Mobile’s GSM network.

Walmart has partnered with T-Mobile in offering the Walmart Family Mobile plan.  This plan is unique in its simplicity in that there is only one option.  You are charged $45 per month for the first line and $35 per month for each additional line.  Considering that you can use any unlocked GSM phone that runs on T-Mobile’s network.  This plan easily makes the list of one of the best no contract cell phone plans.


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