Boost Mobile Reviews

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Boost Mobile Reviews

[adsense]Boost mobile was originally created in the year 2000 to offer prepaid wireless services on Sprint networks.  Eventually, under several acquisitions, boost mobile along with virgin mobile and other carriers was combined into the Sprint Prepaid Group.  Boost mobile prepaid services are offered through Sprint’s CDMA, WiMax, and IDEN networks.  IDEN networks are generally known for the walkie-talkie features, generally associated with Nextel phones.  There have been statements made that Boost mobile is pushing service on the faster and more popular CDMA networks in the future.

Boost Mobile Reviews

Boost Mobile Reviews-Boost Mobile Coverage

Boost Mobile is offered through Sprint’s Wireless Network.  Sprint’s coverage is available throughout many major cities and locations and signal strength can vary depending on whether you are inside or outside.  Also, boost mobile roaming does not exist.  Meaning, if you happen to make a call from a location where there no Sprint cell phone towers, you are out of luck and will have no signal.  Something to consider.

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Boost Mobile Plans

Boost Mobile offers some of the most competitive plans for no contract smartphones.  Boost mobile android plans come in at $55 per month with unlimited talk, text, web and other features.  Similarly, Boost mobile Blackberry unlimited starts at $60 per month, and all other phones are at $50 per month.

Also, with each plan, boost mobile offers a feature called “Shrinkage”.  Unlimited plans with shrinkage allow the cost per month to be reduced by $5 each month of on-time payments up to 6 months.  If you are in the process of shrinkage, and happen to be late on a payment, the amount of months toward your next shrinkage rate picks up where you left off, without any reset.

Boost mobile also offers daily unlimited plans at $3 per day for Blackberry and $2 per day with all other phones.

Pay as you Go plans are also available at 20 cents per min talk, 20 cents per minute for each text and 50 cents per day for unlimited web.

Marketing for Boost mobile prides itself on having no hidden fees, but keep in mind the key point that there is no roaming for boost mobile.

Boost Mobile Phones

Boost mobile offers a variety of smartphones to satisfy the simple to the sophisticate user.  They market android smartphones starting at $79 all the way to over $300.

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The plans for boost mobile make it one of the best no contract smartphone plans available at this time.  Unlimited everything at $55 per month for an Android phone is right among the best rates around.

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