Prepaid iPhone Costs

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Prepaid iPhone

[adsense]Good news to all the loyal Apple iPhone users out there. There are now plans to offer a prepaid iPhone to Cricket wireless customers. This means that if you buy the iPhone up front, you can have monthly service for as low as $55 per month for unlimited talk, text and data. Initially, you have to put some money down up front, but by the first year, you will see significant savings as you continue to stay on the prepaid iPhone plan.

Prepaid iPhone Offered

Prepaid iPhone Now Available
Prepaid iPhone for Cricket Wireless

Leap Wireless International, which is the parent company of Cricket Wireless announced that starting June 22nd, the iPhone 4 will be available starting at around $400, and the iPhone 4S will be available starting at around $500. This is of course a huge upfront cost for many. But for those willing to sacrifice early, you could see long term savings on the Unlimited $55 per month plan. The use of the iPhone will be available for about 70% of Cricket Wireless subscribers. Currently, Cricket phones are able to run on MetroPCS and Sprint/Nextel 3G networks as well as its own CDMA networkin the United States.

Although larger carriers currently carry a prepaid iPhone, the service costs are comparable to being on a contract plan with those carriers. Without a prepaid option, the iPhone must be purchased as part of a long term contract commitment, which helps to subsidize the cost of the iPhone in the expensive monthly payment amount. Monthly payment amounts can run over $150 per month depending on the plan and carrier in these cases. The prepaid iPhone plan for Cricket Wireless will not require a long term contract commitment. No news if any other popular prepaid carriers will also receive the iPhone as a no contract smartphone option. Android OS smartphones remain the popular alternative which can run as low as $100 or less depending on specs and type.

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