Kajeet Reviews – Cell Phones for Kids

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Kajeet Reviews – Cell Phones For Kids

[adsense]Are you in need of a smartphone and good data plan that includes security features and great monitoring tools for parents and kids? Kajeet may have just the plan for you. Kajeet offers pay as you go cheap cell phone plans for kids with a wide range of customizable voice, web and text features that allow kids to connect with friends and family. When signing up with Kajeet, there are no activation, termination or contract fees. Parents can customize each phone for each individual child using the integrated Kajeet configurator (which is the web based application that can be accessed through the web) and the Kajeet Navigator, which is the software application on all of Kajeet’s phones.

Kajeet Reviews

Kajeet Reviews – Cell Phone Plans for Kids

Kajeet offers a wide range of cell phone plans for kids and parents to enjoy. Their plans range from as little as $4.99 per month up until $50 per month for unlimited voice, text messages and voice. Data plans for Kajeet smartphones are offered separately and are offered at 40 MB, 200 MB and 1GB blocks. They cost $4.99, 14.99 and 24.99 respectively. More about how these plans can be used will be discussed later.

As listed in the above chart, Kajeet also offers GPS phone location services.

Kajeet GPS
Kajeet GPS

It uses satellite location technology to help parents locate where the Kajeet phone is at any point in time. It can also be configured to schedule automatic checks throughout the day, which can help parents safety know where their child is during various times of the day.


Kajeet Reviews – Kajeet Configurator

The Kajeet configurator is the web based application used by parents to customize the service for each individual Kajeet phone. The configurator is where parents can do a variety of tasks, including:

  • Setting up, blocking or approving phone numbers
  •  Managing when the phone can or cannot be used.
  • Creating and monitoring an individual “balance” that each phone can use to access specific services such as web use, texting and downloading apps, ringtones and graphics.

These along with other applications help parents set guidelines and exercise control over each phone use listed under there account.  It also encourages and gives responsibility  to each Kajeet phone user which can be monitored by the parent.


Kajeet Reviews – Kajeet Phones for Sale


Kajeet offers a wide range of phones for kids. Kajeet uses the Sprint network for it’s cellular service and therefore uses CDMA technology.  All phones and plans include local, long distance, caller id, voicemail, 900 call blocking with no roaming charges.

Kajeet Coverage Map
Kajeet Coverage Map


Kajeet functions with a wide range of cell phones and smartphones at various price ranges. Feel free to check out the Kajeet website and Amazon for other available phones available.


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