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Net 10 Wireless describes itself as ‘No Bills, No Contracts, ‘No Evil’.  And for many it delivers on those promises with a combination of a wide variety of cell and no contract smartphones that can be used on its network and some simple cell phone plans.  Also, the smartphone plans are not that shabby either…offering both unlimited and pay as you go plans for all types of users and circumstances.  Net 10 Wireless falls under the corporate umbrella of Tracfone along with its close cousin Straight Talk Wireless.  Both carriers are very similar except that Straight Talk is collaboration along with Wal-Mart which is one of the few places other than online they can be found.  Net 10 Wireless phones, refill cards and service packages which have no such direct relationship with any one store can be found in multiple department and electronic stores that offer cell phone products.


Net 10 Wireless Smartphones

Net 10 Wireless is a prepaid cell phone company, therefore, you will have to purchase any phone you use directly from Net 10 Wireless or, you can bring your own compatible phone to use on their network and purchase a sim card.  Net 10 Wireless offers cell phones for sale that range from as low as $29.99 all the way up to $700 plus for the latest and greatest.  Android smartphones can start as low as $79.99 and there have been reports that you can find some even more inexpensive when purchasing one for sale or a refurbished product.

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 Net 10 Wireless Network

Like Straight Talk Wireless, Net 10 uses the wireless infrastructure of some of the major cell phone companies in the US.  Service can be sent through either AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon.  There are whispers however that service through AT&T is more limited than others on the unlimited plan with a hard cap on 1.5 GB max of data per month.  If you purchase a phone through Net10, you can generally tell which carrier your phone will use by the model number.  At the time of this post, the following applies:

You can check the make and model number of the Net 10 Wireless phone you have or are about to purchase.

  • If it ends in a C, it uses Verizon for service
  • If it ends in a G it uses AT&T or T-Mobile for service depending on which one has the tower closest to your address.
  • If you purchase an Android phone then you usually use Sprint for service

Net 10 Wireless – Bring Your Own Phone

One of the greatest luxuries of many of Net 10 Wireless is the ability to bring your own phone.  You must bring in an unlocked Android or iPhone.  And it must be able to receive the 850 and 1900 bands.  You can purchase a Net 10 Wireless sim card for use in your phone and use it on one of the unlimited plans.  This is a great luxury, especially when you can find an unlocked GSM Android or iPhone elsewhere (hint, hint, craigslist, eBay…etc.) at a fraction of the new phone cost and use where ever you go.

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Net 10 Wireless offer Unlimited Plans

Net 10 Wireless Plans

Net 10 Wireless keeps it simple with 3 different types of plans.  First you have the pay as you go plans.  With these plans you can prepay for blocks of minutes as you need them.  The blocks you can purchase them in are:

  • 200 Minutes for $20
  • 300 Minutes for $30
  • 600 Minutes for $45
  • 900 Minutes for $60
  • 1500 Minutes for $100

Net 10 Wireless also offers the 30 day monthly plans which include the $50 Unlimited plan which includes unlimited text, talk and data (with exceptions of course).  If you put your account on auto refill, they will reduce the cost by $5 to make the cost $45 per month for a month’s worth of service.  For many, this plan is the obvious choice because this is the only plan you can use the iPhone and/or Android Smartphones on.  If you plan on doing any international calling, Net 10 Wireless also offers the unlimited plan for $65 per month or $60 for auto refill.

Be aware that with any of these plans (as with the case of many unlimited prepaid smartphone plans, these plans are designed for the consumer who uses no more that 1.5Gb of data per month or less.  For high data users, Net 10 may not be for you).

Recently, Net 10 Wireless also added family plans to its offerings.

  • For 2 people – $90 per month
  • For 3 people – $130 per month
  • For 4 people – $170 per month

All with unlimited data, texting and calling.  If you put the plan on auto refill, Net 10 Wireless will reduce the monthly cost by $5 per month.




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