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Tracfone Smartphones
Tracfone Phones

[adsense]TracFone is a division of América Móvil in providing prepaid mobile services in the United States. TracFone is included with NET10, Safelink Wireless and Straight Talk under the América Móvil umbrella.

TracFone offers mobile phone service without requiring contracts, credit checks, activation fees or cancellation charges. The TracFone brand is geared toward consumers who want low cost services but are considered light users. NET10, is geared more toward heavy to medium users who need more minutes and StraightTalk is geared more toward those needing “Unlimited” plans. Safelink, is the brand of the US government supported program for low-income eligible consumers.



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TracFone Coverage

TracFone prides itself on a huge service area. They are known to use different companies to supply their service, depending on the location of activation. Their CDMA phones use US Cellular, Verizon or Claro. Their GSM phones can use either T-Mobile or AT&T. Reliability varies on a person to person basis, but it has been said that their AT&T based smartphones roam much more reliable than the T-Mobile based phones. Also, the Verizon based TracFone smartphones are known to roam on all CDMA companies towers.


TracFone Plans

Although there are no contracts with TracFone products, they do offer monthly plans which can guarantee service as long as you don’t exceed the maximum amount of purchased monthly minutes. The monthly cost is automatically deducted each month from a major credit card or debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo.
• TracFone Individual Value Plans – TracFone offers 50, 125 and 200 monthly minute plans. The costs are $9.99 for the 50 minute plan, $19.99 for the 125 minute plan and $29.99 for the 200 minute plan respectively. All plans include access to Talk, Text, Email and Web. If there happens to be a month in which all of the monthly minutes are not used, they can be “rolled over” into the following month. If by any chance you run out of minutes during a month, you have the option of purchasing more minutes to use until your renewal period.
• TracFone Family Plans – TracFone offers the Family Value plan which is $9.99 for the first phone and an additional $5.99 for each additional phone. Within this plan, 50 minutes are included for the first smartphone, and 40 minutes per month for each additional phone.

The TracFone Pay as you go option is based on the pre-purchase of minutes in blocks that vary in price dependent on the number of minutes offered. Web access and/or text messages are taken as fraction of these minutes (also known as units).

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TracFone also offers several promotions from time to time, including Double Minutes for the life of the phone and one year minutes. These types of promotions, along with the pre-purchase of minutes can add up to maximum value for customers. Check out the TracFone website for details.

TracFone Smartphones

Tracfone Review

TracFone has now began to offer Android capable phones under the TracFone brand! The smartphones available may depend on the area of activation. For the most up to date and current information, it is advisable to check out the TracFone website directly.

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14 thoughts on “TracFone Review

    1. I’ve used Tracfone for 8yrs & love it. I use very few minutes so it’s perfect for me. I highly recommend Tracfone for low users like me.

  1. I am interested in a Samsung galaxy phone. I am already a trac phone customer. My husband uses that phone. Is it possible to use a samsung galaxy with trac services?

    1. It depends. If you’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy Centura, then yes. Just buy it from Tracfone. If you mean a Galaxy S, SII, SIII, S4, Note , Note II, or Note III, ect. and it’s either on AT&T, T Mobile, or unlocked, then the following will almost certainly work. If it’s on Verizon or Sprint, it may work, but there are no guarantees. You can’t use it on Tracfone, per say. However, it can be used on Straight Talk, a Tracfone brand, for $45 a month, no contract, with unlimited talk, text, and data (they slow down your speeds after 2.5 GB). You would have to get a “bring your own phone” package. Or, you can buy the SIII straight from Straight Talk. Check out this link:

  2. You state “Also, the Verizon based TracFone smartphones are known to roam on all CDMA companies towers”.
    I am in a rural area. I can only get US Cellular reliably at my home (and that only outside). Would a Tracfone smartphone utilize US Cellular for voice while at home? I can stand not to get data while at home as I can use WiFi there; but I must have voice for emergencies when landline (actually IP) phone down.

    I’ll try Tracfone with this question also.

    1. The best answer to this is “maybe”. Some of been known to get tracfone to lock their phones on the nearby US Cellular towers with a call to their customer service. Whomever you talk to may not do it based on agreements with US Cellular in your area and local preference. Keep in mind that Walmart has a US Cellular brand in some stores called “uPrepaid”. This is different than the US Cellular prepaid offering but uses the same towers. May be worth checking out.

  3. I have been a Tracfone user for 5+ years and feel trapped because the SIM card does not transfer … not even between Tracfone devices. I wish they offered minutes only without adding days, because I use 450 – 950 minutes per month with Promo codes and double minutes for life, but I am already up to 1300+ service days left, which I probably will never use. Internet service is completely useless on my LG430G device.

    My question is should I upgrade to a Tracfone Android phone and risk losing my address book + calendar, etc. because the SIM card in not transferrable? Is Internet access any better on the Android Tracfone devices?

    Should I wake up to the 21st century, write off my 5+ years as a REALLY BAD and EXPENSIVE DREAM, and invest in a REAL smart phone?

    1. Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. One important note is that the LG420G has Bluetooth capability. That means that you SHOULD be able to transfer files and contacts via Bluetooth to another phone or device by pairing them together.
      Is Internet access better with the Android Tracfone devices? Tracfone Android devices currently can run up to 3G speeds. This is noticeably different than what the LG 430G runs on (Edge/GPRS) IF you have 3G coverage in your area. The best way to find out is to check out the coverage maps in your area for android phones at the coverage map page. Tracfone uses Verizon as one of it’s main networks so coverage should be throughout most of the country. But it doesn’t hurt to check the coverage map and/or call to be sure before transferring.
      Best Wishes

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