LG Optimus Dynamic II

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[adsense][/adsense]As StraightTalk and other carriers continue to bring along new Android phones to add to their collection, older models are being almost given away at discount prices. The LG Optimus Dynamic II is one of the popular models from 2014 that are still around and available for those on a budget. Are you in search for a replacement of your underwhelming LG Optimus Dynamic? Also known as the LG L39C, this model claims to offer some quality features and specifications which make this product really a convenient to use.

Product Description

LG Optimus Dynamic II is an Android phone with Android Jellybean 4.1 that can be used with Tracfone services. It comes with a 3.8 inch HVGA screen and a 3 MP camera. It also comes with 4.0GB of internal storage space for room for a few apps along with the installed Android Operating System. It finally comes with the general features and specs of a modern android smartphone such as bluetooth, accessibility to the Google Play store, Wi-Fi, GPS and other features.

LG Optimus Dynamic II

Product Features

• Android Jellybean 4.1
• Use for Tracfone services only.
• 3MP camera with clear and high quality video
• 3.8” Touchscreen
• Wi-Fi Connectivity
• Bluetooth
• 4 GB Internal Storage Space
• 4GB of Micro SD Card
• GPS and Hearing Aid Compatibility
• Voice Dialing
• Handsfree Speaker

The Best Benefits of LG Optimus Dynamic II

• Size of the Screen – The screen size is not the largest, but it is large enough to make items easy and clear for many people to see, read and picture.
• Great and Easy Wi-Fi Connectivity –Wi-Fi connectivity means you can connect to your local wireless network at home or away, save minutes from being used from your plan until absolutely necessary.
• Battery Life – removable battery with 1700 mAh for up to 11 days standby an 8 hours talk time.
• Price – Great phone for those on a budget. StraightTalk even offers some refurbished models at discount prices.