The Best No Contract Smartphone Carriers for 2016

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[adsense][/adsense]In the modern world, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have become a crucial part of our day to day operations.  Different types of smart phones have a difference of usability to specific groups and ages of people.  It is very crucial that you pick the right smartphone for your wants and needs. Also, you can safely say that selecting or picking out your wireless carrier is just as important as picking out a phone.

We currently have several prepaid wireless mobile carriers, all of which have different features that makes them special to their consumers. Let’s take a look at the top no contract smartphone carriers that should be useful for 2016.


Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk has different plans and cards to offer  just as other pay-as-you go carriers.  The most popular and advertised plan is the $45 unlimited plan.  It comes with unlimited text, talk and data on a high speed network for the first 5GB of data. StraightTalk currently does not require credit checks, activation fees, age limits or contracts that are long term.  StraightTalk Wireless is a popular choice of carrier for many.  Service is run through either T-Mobile or AT&T.


Walmart Family Mobile USA, LLC
This no contract carrier provides convenient plans for individuals and the family. They offer plans without annual contracts or credit checks.  Unlike many other prepaid carriers, this is a postpaid service whereby billing is done monthly after the service is received.  You can either purchase one of the provided phones, or you can bring your own.  For bring your own phone plans, you do have to get a “Starter Kit” which run at a cost of $25. A big thing to consider is that Walmart Family Mobile has plans that are one of the lowest in the industry at $39.88 per month with unlimited text, talk and data on the T-Mobile network.


Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone is one of the most popular prepaid carriers in the business today.  They offer android mobile phones that can be purchased at one of the lowest price points in the industry with no contracts, credit checks or .  Also, the plans are well suited to those who do not use much in the way a data or usage.  They now offer 90 day plans that are as low as $35 for that time period dependent on the number of minutes of usage you desire.  They also offer plans as low as $19 for a month of service.

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