Walmart Family Mobile Pros

  • Cost is only $34.88 (before taxes) per month for Unlimited Talk, Text and Data!
  • Great BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program that accepts T-Mobile compatible GSM Phones!
  • Only $29.88 per month for each additional line after the first line
  • Simple Web Activation and Upgrades

Walmart Family Mobile Cons

  • $25 Starter Fee for each line to be setup.
  • Limited Phone Selection in the stores and on the website.
  • Service provided strictly through the T-Mobile Network.

[adsense]Walmart Family Mobile now has some of the most inexpensive no contract plans in the wireless market. Often confused with Straight Talk and sometimes Net10 and T-Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile is a joint collaboration designed to offer a competitive price with an unlimited voice, text and data no contract plan. Although many on the phones offered may be less than desirable to some, there is nothing to fear, because Walmart Family Mobile also offers a bring your own phone program which can result in just about any GSM T-Mobile compatible phone being used at their affordable prices.

Walmart Family Mobile – Charges

Walmart offers a unique plan structure, specifically designed for individuals and families who are on a budget or just prefer not to spend an arm and a leg on monthly wireless service.  The initial cost to set up service is a $25 fee called a “Starter Kit” which is required for each line you would like to be activated.  Afterwards, you are charged $34.88 for a single line or first line, and an additional $29.88 for each additional line that you would like to have on your plan.  This plan features unlimited talk , texting and web usage on T-mobile’s nationwide cellular 3G Network for up to 3.5 GB of shared access.  The popularity of this plan is expected to take off because for the same features, you could be charged over $100 per month on some wireless carriers.

Walmart Family Mobile – Phones

Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile

The Walmart Family Mobile plan initially does not come with a lot of smartphone choices.  But, they offer a way to have a huge selection of options to use at the same time; which we will explain later.  For those seeking no contract smartphones, Walmart offers the MyTouch 4G Android Smartphone which can be used on this plan.  Popular with T-Mobile users, the MyTouch 4G smartphone is a mighty little entry level touchscreen smartphone with the Android 2.2 Operating System.  This phone has all the features of an Android powered phone including Wi-Fi capability.  Desire a more powerful smartphone or is your Walmart sold out?  Well do not despair.  Currently, Walmart Family Mobile will accept any unlocked GSM smartphone that can be used on T-mobile’s network.  That means popular choices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the popular Google Nexus 4 and even a iPhone 5 can be purchased unlocked, and activated and used on the Walmart Family Mobile plan at these reasonable prices.  All it takes is for the unlocked smartphone, a $25 starter kit purchase for each phone you want to use, and a call to T-Mobile’s Activation at 877-308-9621.

Offerings such as this can become a huge bargain for those who desire a nice Android, iPhone or Blackberry smartphone but without the huge monthly costs.  We are excited to see this take place and can’t wait to see if there will be any response from other carriers to complete.